Luxottica is dedicated to helping people see and enjoy the beauty of life. 
And we partner with doctors who want to impact the world, form the future of  optometry, and be a force for good.

  • Lenscrafters

    Quality Eye Care.
    Elevated Patient Experience.

    As an optometrist affiliated with LensCrafters, you’ll join a collective force providing comprehensive eye care through a brand name patients know and trust—and one that’s an industry leader setting the standard for quality in eyewear and eye care.

    • Pioneer and industry leader in advancing eye care for over 30 years
    • Luxottica flagship brand
    • Over 900 locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

    “I chose LensCrafters because it is known to be committed to providing advanced technology and elevating the patient experience.”

    – Regina Tran, OD

  • Lencrafters-Macys

    A Flexible Career Path For Growing a Loyal Patient Base

    LensCrafters at Macy’s offers both sublease and employed opportunities. No matter your path, you’ll be backed by two nationally trusted brands known for innovation. This unique combination means you’ll have an opportunity to draw exam traffic from a built-in, loyal customer base so you can feel confident about growing your practice.

    • In over 200 Macy’s stores
    • Connect with frequent Macy’s shoppers
    • Low-risk, turnkey option to start an independent practice or be employed full-time or part-time

    “I left the comfort and safety of being employed and took the leap into the independent practice ownership with LensCrafters at Macy’s for three main reasons: Low risk, high reward and location.”
    – Andrew Paik, OD

  • Target

    An Experience Patients Love

    Located in Target stores, Target Optical attracts loyal shoppers who are brand lovers. This creates an opportunity to see your patients regularly and build rapport as well as see whole families during office visits. Plus, running a Target Optical gives you the opportunity to set your own hours and your own schedule within a growing brand in a coveted setting.

    • Over 500 locations
    • One of the fastest-growing Luxottica brands
    • Appeals to a younger demographic and families

    “I always wanted to have my own clinic someday. The opportunity with Target Optical gave me a chance to learn the business aspect of optometry, run my clinic the way I want to and set my own hours while not having all the responsibility related to running an optical clinic.”

    – Megan Fowles, OD

  • Pearle

    An Unwavering Commitment to Quality of Care

    Pearle Vision is one of the largest, most trusted names in the optical industry. Behind the Pearle Vision brand is a commitment to caring about every individual beyond their prescription. Whether you choose to franchise, be employed by Luxottica or a sublease holder, or convert your independent practice to a Pearle Vison through our Ignite program, you’ll be part of a local, neighborhood practice that brings genuine eye care to families and the generations that follow.

    • Founded in 1961 by Dr. Stanley Pearle
    • Over 500 locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
    • Neighborhood eye care practice of choice
    • Ranked #1 by Entrepreneur in 2021 Franchise 500 for the eye care category

    “My experience at Pearle has been the highlight of my optometric career. I have been able to improve my skills as a clinician as well as the business skills required to be a practice owner.”
    – Eric Bella, OD

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With Luxottica you'll have the tools you need in order to help you succeed - right from the start.

modern locations
Modern Locations

Luxottica Branded Practices are typically located in established, highly visible locations, which helps ensure a steady flow of patients. 

quality patient experience
Quality Patient Experience

With Luxottica’s support, you can be confident about delivering quality end-to-end vision solutions, from the exam to glasses and lenses.

cutting edge technology
Cutting-Edge Technology

As an affiliated optometrist, you’ll have access to advanced digital eye care technology that empowers you to make your maximum impact on your patients’ overall health and well-being.

appointment management
Automated Appointment Management

Luxottica’s automated online appointment system makes it easy for your patients to schedule care. And, the patient recall system is designed to keep them coming back.


When affiliating with a Luxottica Branded Practice, you are never alone. You’ll be supported by a community of experienced eye care professionals, with access to our vast network of doctors for peer-to-peer support and guidance from our dedicated Luxottica Eye Care team. We are committed to helping ensure success for you and your career.

Get to know our team of experts offering industry leading support

Carl Spear, OD Senior Vice President,
Luxottica Eye Care
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Dr. Spear directs initiatives that support Luxottica-affiliated ODs as well the larger optometric community through industry partnerships. Under his direction, the Eye Care team finds innovative ways for ODs to grow their practices with marketing tools and business building skills. “We value our doctors greatly,” he says, “and we both share and support their vision of providing quality care for patients while doing good in the world."

Ross Goukler, OD Vice President,
LensCrafters Brand
Eye Care at Luxottica
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“The most fulfilling aspect of my career is knowing that I’m helping more people than I could as a practicing Optometrist,” Dr. Goukler shared. In his role guiding the development and implementation of eye care strategy for the LensCrafters brand, he works closely with the Eye Care Center of Excellence, field leadership team, and doctors to ensure consistency in quality of care and the patient experience while helping grow the respective businesses.

Scott Seaburg, OD Sr. Director, Licensed
Recruiting and
Professional Services,
Luxottica Eye Care
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In his role leading Optometrist and Licensed Optician Recruiting for Luxottica Eye Care, Dr. Seaburg enjoys making connections and building relationships between candidates and the many brands supported by Luxottica Eye Care. “Nothing is more rewarding than helping a candidate launch their practice or career within our brands,” he said. Dr. Seaburg and his team are passionate about building long-term connections and ensuring the right candidate finds the right practice opportunity for them.

Ashley Bailey, OD Regional Director
of Eye Care, LensCrafters
Brand Eye Care at Luxottica
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Dr. Bailey helps ensure consistent, high-quality patient experiences in every office. She helps doctors grow their businesses by sharing best practices, teaching business acumen, and executing brand initiatives. Dr. Bailey also supports the launch of new products and equipment, and helps recruit new doctors. “Every day we’re creating a better patient experience,” she noted. “I’m proud to be part of a brand that strives for that level of excellence.”

Dr Hetal Desai2
Hetal Shah Desai, OD Regional Director
of Eye Care, LensCrafters
Brand Eye Care at Luxottica
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Dr. Desai manages more than 50 employed LensCrafters offices. She partners with employed doctors to deliver high-quality patient experiences and executes eyecare initiatives that ultimately drive patient retention and practice growth. “I’m fortunate to work with a brand that fosters a climate of continuous improvement,” she observed. “Helping my teams achieve their practice objectives and professional goals is incredibly rewarding.”

Jorge Flores Senior Director
of Eye Care, Target Optical
Brand Eye Care at Luxottica
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Jorge Flores says it best: “I love working with our doctors to help them reach their goals.” In his role as Senior Director of Eye Care, he works with Target Optical leadership and our Eye Care Center of Excellence to develop tools and programs to support optometrists affiliated with Target Optical. Jorge also works with Luxottica field leadership and store teams to deliver exceptional patient experiences and fosters strong relationships between Target Optical and its affiliated optometrists.

Diana Ranjbar
Diana Ranjbar, OD Optometrist/Practice Owner
at Target Optical & Member of Luxottica's Optometric Advisory Council
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For Dr. Ranjbar, perspective is everything. As a member of the Luxottica Optometric Advisory Committee, she serves as a liaison between sublease doctors and Target Optical. “I really enjoy collaborating with other doctors and understanding their point of view,” she said. “It helps me truly understand the issues they are facing, and assist them in developing solutions to help achieve optimal success within their practices.”

Michael Hosford, OD Senior OD Recruiter,
Luxottica Eye Care
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As a Doctor Recruitment Specialist, Dr. Hosford identifies and recruits qualified, patient-focused doctors to deliver high-quality care. He also manages the full-cycle recruiting and hiring process for doctors across all Luxottica brands. “It really comes down to creating the right fit,” he said. “I help doctors determine which practice type and characteristics are most important, and then we work together to find it.” 

Kathryn Hamm, OD Senior Manager,
OD Engagement,
Luxottica Eye Care
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Dr. Hamm is all about forging the meaningful connections that help doctors successfully start, run, and grow their businesses. “I create programming and opportunities,” she says, “that bring doctors together and help them elevate their overall sense of fulfillment at work.” All of which translates to doctors who are more excited, patients receiving the highest quality care, and businesses that are equipped to thrive. 

Laheqa Suljuki, OD Optometrist/Practice Owner
at LensCrafters &
Member of Luxottica’s
Optometric Advisory Council
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As a member of the Luxottica Optometric Advisory Committee, Dr. Suljuki plays a vital role in advocating for the needs and perspectives of doctors in her region. She helps the doctors she represents develop a collective mindset of practice growth and partnership with the brand. “I want every doctor to succeed, she said, “and I really enjoy knowing I can share the feedback and ideas from the doctor community and make a positive impact.”



A Luxottica Branded Practice is so much more than a place to go to work. It’s freedom, flexibility, and the tools and support you need to provide quality care to the patients who depend on you.

Come grow with us.