Full and part-time opportunities await in the U.S. and Canada


Being a Luxottica employee is ideal for those seeking to grow in their professional career, while enjoying the security of a reliable income without personal financial commitment or risk.

If you’re looking for the security of a regular salary and benefits, or looking to concentrate on seeing patients without the complexities of running a business, then choosing to be a full- or part-time employee of one of our brands or one of our affiliated practice owners could be the perfect option for you.

Whichever you choose, know that Luxottica takes great care in understanding the local market and, in turn, provides dependable, competitive wages. In addition, Luxottica’s nationwide presence means there is likely an opportunity within a short distance of where you live or move.

So much more than just refracting, employees with Luxottica affiliated practices truly care for each patient.

Our employees deliver personalized care with current exam technology, build lasting relationships through online scheduling and regular patient outreach, and discover opportunities to grow with support from our mentors

Build the professional foundation and strong sense of business operations to create future career opportunities within Luxottica.


If maintaining a steady income while gaining clinical experience appeals to you, you’ve found your path. Luxottica’s business models also allow the Optometrist to grow their skillset and pursue career advancement within the organization as their career goals evolve.

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